Sunday, May 25, 2014

Why sell your car at

About a month ago, while I was looking for a good website to sell my 21 years old Mitsubishi Pajero jeep, I found this nice website called . I have heard about this site earlier but actually didn't have any idea of putting an advertisement although it is free. Anyway many people suggest me several web sites and also was there. 

So I made my mind to spare few minutes of my time trying it. I never thought I will be able to sell my weird rusted jeep in such a short time, but yes it did! That's why I'm writing this honest opinion about

Just like me if you too have a vehicle that you want to do a quick sale the very first web site I suggest you is I think it is the best car sale web site in sri lanka. I'm very happy I sold my jeep within 4 days after publishing a small free ad on

If you want to sell your car, van, jeep, three-wheeler or bile you should definitely try AutoLankaCars. They don't charge a single penny but they provide you all the instructions on how to target potential buyers. You can easily log in to with your facebook username and passwords and go to the control panel where you can sell your car, manage your other ads if you have several vehicles and even browse other cars for sale in sri lanka.

Let's say you have a 2003 Nissan Sunny Car that you want to sell, then what you have to do is to go to, then click Sell Cars Sri lanka, and login with the facebook credentials. Thats all and then you will be taken to your personnel control panel where you will be able to sell your car in sri lanka.

Ah I forgot to tell you something. This is a truly sri lankan site maintained by a nice company which don't have any affiliation with any car sale in sri lanka. That's why it's free always.

Now back to topic, when you are logged in to your nice control panel, then you can see several buttons which says sell your car in sri lanka, edit your ads or delete your ads. You can add a profile picture to your account as well. It's optional.

Then you can set your address, where buyers find your home and will automatically set the google maps and show the map to your home place in your advertisement to sell your car in sri lanka.

The advertisement page looks so nice, I still haven't seen such a beautiful sri lankan website. It arranges all your details and description about your site nicely in the advertisement page. You can add your telephone number too if you wanna be called by the buyers looking to buy your car in sri lanka.

I know there are many other websites which provide you advertisements to sell your car sri lanka, but if you put your car in an crappy site, even your car will be condemned. So act wisely and publish your car selling advertisement in a place where people come and go. That's the basic key and rule in putting an online car advertisement.

I want to make you people visit and see the difference which will never be useless. is the best online car sale website in sri lanka. 

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