Saturday, September 14, 2013

Where to buy safe YouTube Likes?

Being the #1 site for free video sharing, YouTube has become a role model in the marketing field. YouTube is accessed by millions of people everyday in searching for fun, knowledge , money etc. To fulfill these demands so many videos are added to YouTube everyday. If we consider a certain niche, there could be thousands of videos competing to one particular keyword. Therefore  it's very clear that without the necessary factors fulfilled, videos cannot be ranked easily. You'll need to work harder for that. There are so many factors which affect the ranking of the videos.

One factor is the number of likes and views a YouTube video has. There is a very big chance for a popular video to get ranked in YouTube. Why is that? Being so popular means,. there are many views and likes in those videos. So if one could manually increase the number of likes and views, but in a descent way, that video will be elected for being ranked. 

If you wait til  YouTube views and likes get increased naturally, even when you know your video is not so impressive, it will take months, or even years to get a few hundred YouTube likes. Does that mean you can't rank your YouTube video? Nope! Why wait till YouTube likes and views grow naturally?

You can buy YouTube likes and views from somewhere else. There are so many websites on internet which sell YouTube likes and views. If you can spend a few dollars, you can buy a a few hundred likes and thousands of views; or even millions.

But you need to be careful when you buy YouTube likes and views. Because YouTube has a very strict policy against spamming. If by any chance YouTube finds out that, you have bought YouTube likes from somewhere else, then your video will be penalized by YouTube. So you should buy YouTube likes and views only from trusted websites.

Make sure that you ask them whether your videos are watched and liked by real people. If not, never prompt to buy YouTube likes from them. Go for some other place. Some websites use automated methods such as imacros, bots and so many other software to generate YouTube likes. These are very dangerous, and even more dangerous if your videos are monetized. This will lead to a penalty for your whole YouTube account. 

Let me tell you about a good place to buy YouTube likes. It's I have been buying YouTube likes from since a pretty long time and all my videos are ranked in the first 5 pages of search results. Whenever I release a new video I go to and order 200 YouTube likes. I'm not worried about views, because they are giving free high retention views with every order, that are pretty enough to rank any video.

The reason why I can refer anybody without any fear to this site is, they give you a bundle of free YouTube likes as a trial. So everyone I refer, take this chance, test their service and place the orders to buy YouTube likes afterwards.

Just like the name suggests, there is nothing to worry about the safety of your YouTube videos. Your videos are guaranteed a 100% protection, that those will never be banned with And the other thing is, the delivery time. Since they are able to deliver 200 YouTube likes within 24 hors, anyone can rank their videos in less than 2 days.

There are a few other websites i would like to mention here, but expensive than

I have not purchased from these websites, so I can't guarant you about the safety of your videos when you buy YouTube likes from these sites. It's up to you. But you can spend a few dollars and test their service and prompt to buy if you get any positive feeling. 

So finally I again mention that not to buy YouTube likes from websites which you can't trust. And before buying YouTube likes, ask them whether they are providing YouTube likes from real people or not. Always keep in mind that safety is more important than the ranking, because if one video was penalized, YouTube will keep an eye on all other videos too.

Finally what i recomend you is